Hair Artist

Mireya Sanchez

Est. 2005

Specializes in: Foilayage/Balayage

Obsessed with: Fashion + Decor

Loves:  Traveling with family

Favorite passtime: Spending time with my girls

Product she can't live without: Olaplex

Words to live by:  Vivamos, y pase lo que tenga que pasar.


Est. 2017

Specializes in: Color

Obsessed with: Brunching

Loves:  Family

Favorite passtime: Traveling

Product she can't live without: Olaplex Leave in Conditioner

Words to live by:  A negative mind won't give you a positive life.


Guillermo Pizarro

Hair Artist

Est. 2003

Specializes in: Babylights + Styling 

Obsessed with: Architecture + Interiors

Loves:  Anything by Neil Gaimen

Favorite passtime: Reading + Organizing (anything)

Product she can't live without:  Davines Oi Oil + Texture Spray

Words to live by: Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not


Meet our Team!

All our artists are independant and offer a variety of services ranging in price.
Please reach out to your stylists for more information on booking and pricing

Arelyn Chavez

Hair Artist

Est. 2013

Specializes in: Balayage

Obsessed with: Bad Bunny

Loves:  Fashion

Favorite passtime: Watching + rewatching GOT

Product she can't live without: Color WOW Deamcoat + Kenra blow dry spray

Words to live by: Be. Kind. Always.


Iris Cisneros

Hair Artist

Est. 2003

Specializes in: Color + Highlights

Obsessed with: Total transformations + Coffee

Loves:  Family + my clients reaction when looking at the mirror + Buffalo wings

Favorite passtime: Being a mom

Product she can't live without: ColorWOW Dreamcoat + Moroccon Oil

Words to live by:  Eat the cake, buy the shoes, live your life


Brenda Dominguez

Hair Artist

Est. 2019

Specializes in: Color correction

Obsessed with: Harry Potter + Smaill plants

Loves:  Hubby + Kids + Wine

Favorite passtime: Baking + Crafts

Product she can't live without: Davines Oi Oil + Colow WOW Dreamcoat

Words to live by: Live life to the fullest


Ivy Lizarraga

Owner + Hair Artist